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Welcome to LivingMarkup Documentation

LivingMarkup is an PHP implementation of a LHTML parser.
It is a powerful and flexible way to build dynamic web pages.
use Ouxsoft\LivingMarkup\Factory\ProcessorFactory;

$processor = ProcessorFactory::getInstance();

'xpath' => '//partial',
'class_name' => 'Partial\{name}'

'method' => 'onRender',
'execute' => 'RETURN_CALL'

<html lang="en">
<partial name="Alert" type="success">
    This is a success alert.


Get an instance of LivingMarkup up and running in less than 5 minutes.

LivingMarkup is available on Packagist.

Install with Composer:

composer require ouxsoft/livingmarkup

That’s it. You’re done! Please take the rest of the time to read our docs.

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